Barcelona Home Jersey 23/24 Best Price and Details

Barcelona Home Jersey 23/24 Best Price and Details

Get the Barcelona Home Jersey 23/24 Best Price in Bangladesh. Barcelona Home Kit 23/24 has been officially released. Barcelona Jersey Price in Bangladesh will remain same as previous value of 1100 BDT for the player edition and 800 BDT for the fan edition.

According to a recent leak by Sport, Barcelona Football Club is set to unveil its new accoutrements for the 2023/24 season. The most notable disclosure about the new accoutrements is the return of the color white, which the platoon has not worn since the late 1970s. The platoon was preliminarily bruited to wear white this season, but the final design was altered to be argentine rather, featuring a blue and red cross in the middle.

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Barcelona Home Jersey 23/24 Price and details. Jersey Club BD holds the copyrights of this video.

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The new home tackle will primarily feature three large blue and red stripes across the front, retaining its classic design. This design is a fogy to the platoon’s accoutrements from recent history, utmost nearly suggesting the 2011- 12 season tackle. The stripes are the largest seen since the2012/13 season, where the platoon had one large red strip through the middle.

Barcelona Home Jersey 23/24 will be a new sight for numerous suckers to see the platoon in white, as those under the age of 50 have no way seen the platoon wear the color. No board has dared to permission a white tackle since the 1970s, making this a literal moment for the club and its suckers. The return of white is sure to elicit mixed feelings among suckers, as it’s also the color of the platoon’s bow rivals. nonetheless, it’ll be intriguing to see how the platoon incorporates this change into its image and style.

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